Dirty Knees, Bountiful Harvest

Is there someone in your life you are praying for – praying they will know God and surrender to Jesus?  I have a few friends and family members on my prayer list that I lift up continuously to the Lord.  He is our great Harvester but as He says in Luke 10:2, “The harvest is plentiful butContinue reading “Dirty Knees, Bountiful Harvest”

Code Blue: God Needed In Room 1

Have you ever felt like your entire world is falling apart?  Sometimes everything just feels broken.  Marriages, children, health, finances – all the pieces of our life that can take turns for the worse. At times we might just need a little physical therapy on one part of our life.  Or some psychotherapy.  During smaller crises an aspirin willContinue reading “Code Blue: God Needed In Room 1”

The Sweetest Name…..

Originally posted on ~ A Divine Unraveling ~:
O taste and inhale GOD’s sweetness which He breathes on you, for it is like honey from the Rock. His sustenance sustains you, His fragrance refreshes you, and His touch restores all that the locusts have consumed. It’s a new day! The honey is flowing like a river, a…