Prayer Series

God’s great gift to us is prayer. He wants you to talk with Him. Right now. Praise Him, call on Him, cry to Him and seek joy with Him!

30 Days of Glory To God

Giving glory to our Almighty God isn’t the same as thanking Him. It’s recognizing His power and might and creation — without any need for us, yet He loves us immensely. Join me for 30 days of giving Glory to our Almighty God for His great ways!

30 Days of Thankfulness

We so often come to God asking for help. But how often to we remember to thank God for all those answered prayers or even for unanswered prayers? Join me for 30 days of thanking God for this amazing life!

30 Days of Praise

As a Christian I understood thanking God, asking God for help, revealing my sin and praying for others. But praising God seemed so foreign and flowery. Yet throughout the Bible we see the saints doing just that. So join me in this journey of seeing exactly what that sounds like!

30 More Days of Praise!

The first 30 Days was such an amazing experience I had to to 30 more!

Pray It Till You Make It

God has a vision and a plan for you. He first wants us to live as saved people. What does that look like in our everyday lives? Let’s pray for change today!

Living Amazed

It’s so easy to take all of God’s gifts for granted. From fresh air to fresh water and sunny days to sunny smiles God has gifted us with an amazing world! Join me in this 23-part prayer series.

As we go deeper in Biblical truth, we should go higher in grateful praise.

— H.B. Charles, Jr.