Bible Book Series

Looking to delve deeper into the Bible? Join me for these Bible-book based series!

31 Days of God’s Wisdom

God’s gift of wisdom, given to King Solomon is the advice we can trust. Why? Because He has no ulterior motives other than to help us live this life as best possible. He loves us immensely and wants the best for us. Join this new series and receive your daily email during the month of January.

Tiny Yet Mighty

What can we learn from the four short paragraphs in 3 John? And who is Philemon and Obadiah? These tiny books are jammed packed with lessons from God! Join me in this 5-week look into 15 Life Lessons from the tiniest books of the Bible

His Works Project

The book of James is an everyday guide to the Christian life. Our life is not about suddenly living on “easy street” once we give our lives over to Christ but rather how we now deal with this broken world, its ups and downs all while enjoying peace from God. A 30-day study.

Hold The Line

Let’s face it, the world is at odds with God which means the world is at odds with you, the Christian. It can be hard holding fast to God’s truths. In the book of Isaiah you’ll find an overflowing of God’s promises when we hold the line. Join me for this 25-part series from Isaiah.

If you lay yourself at Christ’s feet He will take you into His arms.

— William Bridge