Christian Life Series

In the Old Testament God spoke directly to the people through the prophets. In the New Testament He sent His son Jesus to bring life to His Word. This book we call the Bible is His guidebook for us, not only in how to live our lives out in His will but to tell us exactly about the promises and character of our loving God.

The Christian Life In Full Bloom

Are you living out the Fruit of the Spirit? Are you experiencing the fullness of God’s love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control? Join the journey to living a life in full bloom! 9-part series.

Love Notes from God

God yearns for a relationship with you! When we realize how much the Father loves us and wants the best for us we can’t help but exude love for others. This 28-day devotional style series reminds us of the hundreds of love notes God has dotted throughout His Word. Read a verse a day plus a short commentary by reformed pastors and theologians.

Lessons from Cherith

My news series based on Elijah’s experience in Cherith Ravine — cut off from the world and relying solely on God. An 8-part series.

New Beginnings

We live out our lives through a series of new beginnings. Whether it’s a new year, new job, new trial, God gives us direction on how to handle these sometimes challenging experiences. For insight and encouragement for your new beginnings join this 9-part series!

Resolute In Christ

A common thread in our Christian history is adversity. And our current time is no different. If you need motivation today to stay resolute in your faith then join me on this 10-part journey!

Jesus Mindset

From servant to counselor, savior to teacher, Jesus was the most perfect being to walk on this earth. His life is our example of how God wants us to not only interact with believers but also with non-believers. Join me as I look at 5 different traits of Jesus and real people who show us how we took can have a Jesus Mindset. A 15-part series.

Fresh Fire

Need to put some fire under your faith? When the world hits us full force it can be hard to stay uplifted in the faith. This 24-part series will help re-charge and re-ignite!

Many hours are spent with men, how many are spent with your Maker?

— Charles Spurgeon