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The Sweetest Name…..

I’m a doer. I consider Martha from Luke 10:41 my Bible spirit. My “Love Language” is definitely acts of service. I’m working on being Martha’s sister Mary — loving Jesus in pure love and adoration. We frequently compare ourselves to others we admire and usually find ourselves wanting. I told a sweet friend of mine the other day that I realize I surround myself with a lot of “Marys” — women who I consider a lot nicer and kinder than myself. She responded with, “You are such a compassionate person.” That’s because she’s so nice.

So here I am in the midst of something that doesn’t come naturally to me — singing words of praise and love for God. He always manages to put our flaws front and center, doesn’t He? I’ve come to just look up and laugh along. The Martha in me kicked into high gear with this “project” He set on my heart. I started researching what famous pastors have said about praise. I gathered songs that spoke to loving God. I’ve discovered poetry and art which praises the Lord. I’ve also started following other blogs. One such blog is by Carol Congalton. I really don’t know much about her except she is a Mary. She has a great gift for words in expressing her love and joy and wonder for God. She’s also very funny. She posted this beautiful little essay on God’s sweetness that I had to share with you. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The Sweetest Name…..”

      1. Thanks so much! I’m NOT a natural when it comes to praising GOD but have learned over the decades [yes, I’m that old!] that to praise JESUS is really where it’s all at. Just be the beautiful ‘you’ that you already are Kris. I’m enjoying what you post!

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