Trim Your Deadwood

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Do you have deadwood or a drag holding you back from being bold? “Drag” is defined as a type of friction that is acting in opposition to the relative motion of any object. Bet you didn’t think your first day of being a part of the Boldness Bunch meant eliminating something first. ☺️ . But notice the verse says He continues to prune even our branches that bear fruit. We are never “done.” We need to constantly ask for pruning to be sure our fruit, our works are our best offering. . I decided to try my hand one more season at growing tomatoes. For the last few years I’ve grown beautiful plants that bore little fruit. I can’t call them “tomato plants.” Without fruit they were more like weeds. This year I dug deep into reading tips and techniques on growing tomatoes— not plants. I was advised to cut all the lower leaves off so it didn’t touch the dirt. Next, I removed all the first set of flowers. That hurt. Those were potential tomatoes! Next I removed all the “suckers,” branches that were only going to take away from the main purpose. A month later my daughter has asked me, “What in the world are you going to do with all those tomatoes 🍅!” I have plans for each one. . I dare you today, not tomorrow, TODAY, to ask God what pruning needs to be done in you before you even take one step toward your goal. . #pruning #growth #fruits #god #jesus #jesuschrist #bold #john15 #growthmindset #firstfruits

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