I’m an ordinary Christian

I was recently asked, “Who do you think you are?” when I questioned why our churches were completely closed off during our hour of greatest need. The reason why I was asked, with indignation, “who do you think you are?” is because I’m not an ordained pastor. I’m an ordinary Christian who studies, not just reads, the Bible. I converse regularly with Our Father. I know Jesus walks next to me and in front of me. Nowhere will you find in the New Testament that us ordinary Christians are to be silent. Nowhere in the New Testament will you hear Jesus tell His disciples to keep their faith to themselves and just let the “ordained leaders” spread the Word.

As an everyday, ordinary Christian who was seeking peace and a less anxious life I’ve found a sense of amazement and wonder of how God cares about each and every one of us.  For one entire year, an ongoing conversation between myself and the Almighty forever changed me.

Entering the second half of my life I never expected God to ask me to do anything ambitious or challenging.  But isn’t that what God shows us throughout the Bible? From Abraham to Peter and Sarah to Mary, He took ordinary, and at times even elderly, people and pushed them to do the impossible.  I am an ordinary Christian, listening to an extraordinary God.  

My boldness drives me to faithfulness. It opens my hand and heart to those in need.  It brings me joy and I believe it brings God joy as well. The disciples were tasked to be bold.  They were fearless in being the spiritual life of the world.  Without their boldness we would not have the New Testament; we would not have the knowledge of Jesus.  So, the balancing act I struggle with today is to be like Jesus – boldly and fearlessly faithful knowing that our Father will be the final word.