Pruning Part 2

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Some of you might still be scratching your heads about pruning.  You thought this was about being bold! Taking action!  Climbing Kilimanjaro! It is. But creating fruit takes work.  It takes planning & preparation. Even just going to God and asking Him for direction on being bold takes preparation. The famous evangelist Charles Spurgeon once preached: “In times of peril and distress we may fly to God just as we are; however in ordinary times we should not come with an unprepared spirit.” We need to recognize prayer as a real conversation with God; we need to ask for what we want with fervency (one of my favorite words); and we need complete submission to God, leaving it to Him to direct our steps. . What does pruning have to do with this? You see the picture of my yard?  That’s what it looks like right now, after I spent hours pruning it.  My neighbors get sad when I do this.  What I tell them is, just wait until next month. It’ll be beautiful! If I don’t cut out the deadwood and the dead flowers some of these plants become unruly.  Others like the Mexican sage get leggy and unattractive. . So what is it that you need to prune to work on your preparation for success?  For most of us it’s our negative thought patterns. “I don’t have time.” “I’m frightened at the prospect.” “I’m not really good at anything.” But being bold with our lives is what God asks from us!  Joyce Meyer once said, “You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” . So much of what holds us back lives in a small space.  But that small space holds an incredible power over us.  Go look in the mirror and stare into the eyes of this space. The negativity we allow to happen there is loved by the devil. My prayer for you right now is to have God help you with pruning those negative thoughts. Because folks, we’ve got work to do and a life to live! . #bold #challenge #positivity #god #pruning #fervent

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