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Christ Alone –The Great I Am

Day 8

I heard this song last year at the church I was attending. It was so beautifully done I was in tears. Every time I play this song I feel so connected to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It lifts my heart. I find myself raising my hands in my car or out in public while taking a walk. I’m led to show my bold love for God.

This song speaks to the amazing love the Almighty pours out to us. He is our song when we don’t seem to have our own melody. He is our strength when troubles make us weak. He is forever the same and the only one worthy of complete praise.

During the last year, bold faith and expression of that faith has been my guiding principle. God defines me, not the world. God’s desires for me are my desires. I am imperfectly trying to perfect that bold faith. When I first started attending church I felt like an imposter. I knew for a fact that everyone around me had bold faith. And I did not. I stumbled and dusted myself off, all the while reaching out for His hand. I told Him, “Lord you are my hope when I cannot see the day.”

Even when I found myself as a leader of a Bible Study I felt like an imposter. Again, I just knew everyone in the group must know the Bible inside and out. They were probably experts and would see through my inadequacies. So I prayed, “Lord you are my sight, teach me how to walk by faith.”

God has guided me and provided for me through many trials and many joys. He has rescued me and He has bestowed great gifts. And so now I say, “I just wanna take my time and say, you alone are worthy of my praise.”

What praise or worship song brings you to tears? Add yours below in the comments!

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