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Love for The King

Day 9

When we say we love God or love Jesus what does that really mean to us? For some, those words may have been only spoken in a song or recitation at church. For others those love statements are added each day to every prayer. For me, I’m really good about making sure those around me know my love for them. But I have to admit that I don’t tell the Almighty how much I love Him. I say my thanks for His power and authority over this world but, love? It’s something this 30 Days has put on my heart.

Our relationship with God is not only the most important one we will ever have, it is also the most interesting. God is King yet He is also our friend. There aren’t too many people out there that can say they are friends with an earthly king. This relationship brings to mind something you may find silly. I’ve always wondered how someone can sit across from Brad Pitt, casually eating breakfast in your pjs, hair messy, bad breath and not stare at him in awe. Would you expect him to do the dishes and take out the trash? Sorry, I’ve always had a soft spot for Brad. What does a relationship with a mega star, on an everyday basis look like? It’s no wonder people like that tend to date and marry others in their same circle. The same goes for kings, queens, princes and princesses. We have a relationship with the most powerful being in the universe. We bring Him our broken and messy selves. But we also come to Him with our joy and love.

Most likely you’ve been asked something like, “What would you say to Jesus if He came to your door right now and joined you for dinner?”  Well, first if I realized it was Jesus, I don’t think I would even be able to speak for a while.  Then, knowing me, I’d probably say something completely inappropriate and goofy.  If Jesus became a regular, physical guest at my house I’d have to figure out how to be a friend yet also remain in reverence of Him.  A King is a regular guest in my spiritual life.  Making sure I pay Him the respect due while also being friends has become a key to my prayers.

Charles Spurgeon has six great tips on coming to God, the King in prayer:

  1. Approach Him in reverence: familiarity there may be but let it not be impertinent.
  2. Come with joy: you have the privilege of being in front of the Throne of Grace!
  3. Be in submission: we don’t pray to tell Him what to do.
  4. Have enlarged expectations: ask for great things!
  5. Expect with staggering confidence: who would doubt the King?
  6. Maintain sincerity: prayer is an elevated act and no light thing

I love God and I honor Him as King.  He is my friend and my Ruler.  He is the vine and I am one of his beautiful branches.  And I praise Him for all that He has done in my life.  

Do you have a favorite statement or prayer of love and reverence for our Lord?  

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