Worship, Work, Witness

Are you an “all work and no play” sort of person. Do you know an “all play and no work” person? I just finished studying John 12:1-8 where these issues arose. It’s fascinating how much teaching God puts in 8 sentences.
My “Bible spirit”, Martha, is busy making an amazing dinner for Jesus. Mary, her sister, lets her hair down and rubs very expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet. Meanwhile Lazarus, the famed friend whom Jesus lifted from death, sits as a witness to Jesus’ holy position with God.
All three play an important role in this scene. And yet the disciples question Mary’s action — “Shouldn’t we sell that perfume and give it to the poor?” But Mary, who frequently sat at Jesus’ feet knew what was to happen. She was worshipping Him before His impending death.
Jesus makes it clear there’s a time to worship/celebrate and a time to work. This balance in our daily Christian lives provides us the opportunity for witnessing. How many times have you personally said you don’t have time, even 15 minutes a day, for Bible study? How many times has the opportunity to volunteer at your church come up and you said your calendar is full? How many times have you told a friend or family member you were too busy? How many times have you seen or heard someone in need but you didn’t stop your busy life to help? How many times have you skipped church for something “more important?”
Where have you gone out of balance? And are you taking the time to complete this holy lesson with witnessing His love and His power and His grace?

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