Farmer Jesus

What seeds are you planting lately? Luke 6:43-45 explains that “no good tree bears bad fruit and no bad tree bears good fruit.”
Back in early March we planted our warm weather garden — bell peppers, cilantro, and four tomato plants. My hope at the time was none of them would die in a week. I took extra steps this year and learned more about achieving good fruit. And that basket in the picture is just a small reaping of what we have sown. It’s been a constant tending of the needs of each plant. And a constant battle with pests. But the reward is oh so good!
How many of us take the same care with our spiritual life as we do those things in the physical world? How many of us are struggling even just to tend to our daily lives with loving care? We reap what we sow. We need to pay special care to what we plant in our hearts and minds because even the tiniest seed can reap ten-fold — good or bad.
A healthy relationship with the ultimate farmer— Jesus— guides us and teaches us the right seeds to plant, when to plant them, and how to tend them. Like my desire for a more fruitful garden we need to actively seek out His teaching.
Do you want to be a plot of unused, hard dirt? A weed-filled plot? Or a luscious, fruit filled place in this world that shares their harvest with others? Be bold my friends. Ask for gardening advice today 🍅

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