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Who Rules Your Day?

All a person’s ways seem pure to them, but motives are weighed by the Lord. Proverbs 16:2

We’ve all had the opportunity to be arm-chair decision makers while watching a movie.  You just know that she should not, absolutely not, open that door and peer into Pandora’s Box.  But because their curiosity or desires are so great they ignore every good sense they should have.  The 1988 movie, Indecent Proposal, must have had movie goers at the edge of their seats shaking their heads in exasperation.  A married couple meet a billionaire while in Las Vegas.  He offers $1million to sleep with the wife for one night.  After deliberating, the couple agrees to the proposal.  I mean, it was a million dollars!  That kind of money can paper over any possible issues that might arise, right? 

Even though this scenario was fantasy on the silver screen how many of us make decisions every single day thinking we know better than God?  We see the immediate benefit of our choice.  Our desires and emotions outweigh or even obscure the possible consequences.  This is especially dangerous when the consequences may not be seen for years – say through the actions of our children.

I heard a pastor recently break down how to live at peace – with our decisions, the world swirling around us and more.  First, seek God’s help, advice, and intervention.  Then don’t take it back.  That’s what Abraham’s Sarah did.  She prayed for children then decided she probably could handle the problem better.  She had her husband sleep with Hagar.  And like the results of the decision in Indecent Proposal, people’s lives were ruined and changed forever.

Friend, God doesn’t need you to ask permission for everything in life.  If you stick close to Him, you’ll know the right and wrong in most situations.  But when it comes to the big stuff or situations where emotions and desires are strong we need to submit them to God.  We need our heavenly Counselor to give us better advice than what our flesh is telling us.  And then take it.

Lord, I can get blinded by my explanations for why I need to do things my way.  Please shine a revealing light on those times where I need to fully commit my choices to you.  Amen 

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