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Spread Good, Wise Words

A person finds joy in giving an apt reply— and how good is a timely word! Proverb 15:23

A few weeks ago, Associate Pastor Myron Wideman Jr. asked his Instagram followers to do something radical.  To spread a rumor.  Yes, you heard that right.  But here was the twist: it had to be about something positive.  We so often are quick to post that negative review on Yelp or comment to others about how bad someone or something is, meanwhile there’s blessings upon blessings going around us each and every day.  

Our sinful, flesh natures do love a good controversy, don’t they?  A little bit of whispering and gossip is all we need to get our juices flowing.  How about today or even all this week you take the time to send a text, email, letter or (gasp) speak directly to someone with a positive comment about them or their works?  If someone asks for your input or feedback start with as many positives that you can come up with.  Avoid the negative unless absolutely necessary.

Friend, God started out this beautiful place called “Earth” with words of great joy – “let there be light!”   And when He, through His words, created man in His likeness, the kindness He showed to us with a beautiful garden and all we would need was immeasurable.  It wasn’t until we were unkind to Him that something negative took place.  So, let’s work harder at a “Kindness First” approach as believers.  Spreading rumors and gossip of His love for all to hear.  Let’s put not only a smile on someone else’s face today but also on our Holy Father’s.

Holy Father, you are so kind to me, first with the gift of salvation, and then through the fruits of the Spirit.  Help me to remember to reflect your kindness through a positive and timely word to others.  Amen

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