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Let Us Lead the Strain

Each morning I take my sweet dog Tucker out for a nice long walk.  We typically walk in the canyon near our house.  Some days I listen to worship music, some days I listen to podcasts.  While other days I make it a point to just listen.  Yesterday I decided to walk the first mile in praise and the second in prayers for others. Thanks to this 30 Days of Praise project that mile of praise has gotten easier.  I reflected on the last 12 days of posts and began reciting different phrases – “God you are my King!  God you are omnipotent!  God you are ever present in my life!  God, you love me even when I am being unlovable.  God, you have taught me so much.  You are the only one worthy of this praise. You are a flawless shield.”  My love pouring out to Him filled me with such joy and peace like a mirror reflects back the sunlight.  It felt bold and it felt oh so right. 

I found this short essay on praising God which spurs me on toward my next 12 days.  Encouraging me to praise; pressing me to dig deeper; showing me that praising God is simply what all nature does every minute of the day. 

“Come you children of God, and bless his dear name; for doesn’t all nature around you sing?  If you were silent, you would be an exception to the universe.  Doesn’t the thunder praise him as it rolls like drums in the march of the God of armies?  Doesn’t the ocean praise him as it claps its thousand hands?  Doesn’t the sea roar, and the fullness thereof?  Do not the mountains praise him when the shaggy woods upon their summits wave in adoration?  Do not the lightnings write his name in letters of fire upon the midnight darkness?  Doesn’t this world, in its unceasing revolutions, perpetually roll forth his praise?  The whole earth has a voice, and shall we be silent?  Shall man, for whom the world was made, and suns and stars were created – shall he be silent?  No, let him lead the strain.”

Charles Spurgeon
Tucker taking in God’s glory — or maybe he’s looking for rabbits to chase…

How will you lead the strain in praising God today?  Shout it as loud as the sea roars and as bold as the lightning claps! Join the conversation below!

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