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Praise At The Ready

Day 12

You never know when you will have the opportunity to share your faith.  God will place people in your lives that He wants you to share your love for Him.  We must always be ready.  And although you are not responsible for the path they eventually take, God calls us to take even the smallest part in that path. When my youngest was in college she became best friends with a beautiful, smart, funny young lady from Belgium.  They were field hockey teammates, roommates, and now lifelong friends.  We sent my daughter’s car out to her their sophomore year.  It gave them so much freedom to explore the St. Louis area and beyond.  

As my daughter grew closer to Christ through the Christian athlete organization Athletes In Action, she also began discipling other athletes.  But her best friend didn’t seem interested.  However, one of the many things they did have in common was their love of music.  I saw many a video of them driving along singing at the top of their lungs to a popular song while they cruised the streets of St. Charles, Missouri.  Their favorite was “Africa” by Toto which had experienced a renewal at that time. And while they played upbeat, fun, pop and country songs my daughter also played songs about her faith.  Beautiful Christian songs.  Songs that spoke of her love for Jesus.

One day her friend hopped in the car and said to her, “Play some of those good, sad songs.”  My daughter was confused.  Her Belgium friend, while fluent in English, had a funny way of using the English language with her French/Dutch accent.  She said, “You know, those Jesus songs.”  And my daughter was ready to serve in God’s name.

My daughter Madie (L) and her friend Rou (R) taking “Sandy”, her car, out for another favorite activity — milkshakes

I suppose many Christian songs may sound “sad” to some but so many of the lyrics speak to our deepest needs.  We express our longing and our hope through these “sad Christian songs.”  Most of my favorite songs fall into this category.  Music gives us a beautiful channel to lift up our voices to our Father to say, “I love you” or “I need you.”  We might also say we are hurting or we have been healed.  I have plenty of shout out loud “praise the Lord” songs in my “Inspirational” playlist.  But I frequently play the ones that tug at my heart.  

I have a friend that doesn’t want to go back to her church right now because they have decided not to play music and sing songs.  She has said, “I can listen to a sermon anywhere.  I miss the voices being lifted up to God.  I miss the worship.”  

Sometimes we need a good “sad” Christian song.  That beautiful expression of our love for God can bring so much love and peace to live in us.  I’d like to share with you one of those songs.  “You” by Fellowship Creative, shows the need for God our Father, God our Counselor.  It praises God for His ability to mend all brokenness.  I hope you enjoy listening to it.

What’s your favorite “sad Christian song” and who can you share it with today?  Let’s praise God with our beautiful (and not so beautiful ) voices.

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