You Are Worthy!

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Do you sometimes feel you aren’t worthy of love? Of God’s Grace? Of His attention? There’s seems to be two kinds of thinking that has drastically divided this world. It’s not political. It’s not abortion, the environment, wealth or whatever else seems at the forefront of the news. It’s how we view our “worthiness.” . On one side there’s the folks who struggle with their behavior and thoughts and want to be “worthy” of God’s love. On the other there’s those that say “I shouldn’t be judged by anyone, human or divine. And I’m free to say and do whatever makes me feel good in this moment. And if what you think or do doesn’t make me feel good i feel free to judge you because, hey that makes me feel good!” Sure there’s some muddling in the middle but this divide appears to be getting larger. . The latter way of living scares the living daylights out of me. Because that leads to behavior that seems so hateful and lacks of a sense of love for community. But about that I can only pray for God’s intercession. . Thankfully for the side of those who question their worthiness in God’s eyes Jesus gave us Luke 12:24. Even the most despised bird of all time, the raven, is cared for by God. Ravens can’t sin. They don’t live in the world of souls. As humans we do sin but that only shows the special place God put us. If he answers the need of a mere soulless creature imagine the love, guidance and blessings He wants to reap on us — creatures He “made in His own image.” His son didn’t die for ravens. He died for our “unworthiness.” . Which side are you living in? The side motivated by self or the side that constantly reaches out to grasp the love and constant forgiveness of God? . #god #forgiveness #worthy #love #jesus #peace

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