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Are you afraid to pray for fear of not saying the right things, of not sounding “churchy” enough? Famous pastor Charles Spurgeon once preached, “You do not need to have scholarship, training, talent, or wit for prayer. Ask, seek, knock — that is all.” . It’s unfortunate that some religions make prayer to be a lofty ambition. That flowery words and memorized Bible verses are what our Lord seeks from us. They couldn’t be farther from the truth. I once heard a woman describe her time with Jesus (in other words prayer time) as being with a friend. She talks with him throughout the day, thanking and complimenting for gifts of nature or other blessings. She shares her fears and her doubts. She asks for guidance. Ask, seek, knock. . Jesus, get this, guaranteed the door will be open. So the next time you see something wonderful speak out loud your praise of thankfulness. When you see someone struggling speak out loud a cry for help. When you feel alone, speak out loud for His Holy Spirit to fill you. . “Dear Father, thank you for whatever you bring my way today because I know you are with me at all times. Your strength and peace are inside me and surround me. I pray for your peace to descend on our world. I pray that those that don’t know you will seek you today. I choose to not go through today without you, Lord. Help me to see where my fears cause me to slip away from you. Pull me back tightly in your loving arms. Amen” . #ask #seek #knock #receive #god #love #prayer #jesus #holyspirit #charlesspurgeon #religion

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