No Excuses

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What’s on your list that you’ve already deemed “impossible?” You don’t have time, you don’t have the money, talent, courage, strength etc. Yet it’s still on your heart and mind. . When I was subbing as an office employee in my kids’ school district I had at least one person each week tell me with a wistful sound in their voice, “I wish I could have your life.” You see, although I was working almost every day, I was consciously choosing to work every day. When I wanted to not work a day I didn’t. I didn’t arrive at this situation by happenstance. Through careful financial planning, goal-setting, and lots of prayer I stayed home when my kids were younger. As they got older we still planned and prayed. I decided to start working again but I didn’t want to work full time. We didn’t receive some big inheritance. We weren’t killing it in the stock market. We planned and prayed. God opened all the doors, big and small, in front of me. All I needed then to do was step through them. . What planning steps are you taking right now to reach your goals? When you wake in the morning and lie down at night are you praying those goals? Don’t waste your goal arrows shooting them willy nilly by just wistfully thinking about them. Choose your prayer, ask for help in your goal and shoot them directly to the Almighty. Place more energy and thought into achieving that bullseye than all the reasons why you won’t even show up for target practice. . #impossible #god #goals #target #prayers #prayer #possible #dreams #opendoors #christian

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