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Final Justice

Many seek an audience with a ruler,
    but it is from the Lord that one gets justice.  Proverbs 29:26

I am an avid reader. In fact, by the time you read this post I will have probably finished about six books this year.  Since I was a child, I devoured mystery and spy novels.  My flashlight and I were well acquainted with Nancy Drew’s escapades!  But I suffer from one big issue when reading mysteries.  When the champion of the story finds him or herself accused of the murder or some other terrible crime, I frequently jump to the last few pages of the book just to make sure all ends well for the hero.

I’m not sure where my deep sense of “justice” evolved.  I struggle watching movies where the good guy is shamed and blamed for something they didn’t do (although now with Netflix I can also zip to the end!).  This justice-driven thinking spills over into my relationships as well.  I stand up for friends and family who feel uncomfortable or unwilling to defend themselves.  On the negative, I also will argue my side of the story ad nauseum, seeking justice for myself.  

Here’s the problem with always seeking justice, not only for myself but for others: sometimes true justice just isn’t possible.  The person from whom you seek justice may not have the ability, emotionally, mentally or physically, to repair what you feel needs doing to receive forgiveness.  The situation may even be grander, say an injustice by a corporation or government has occurred.  Although money may salve some wounds, true justice from such behemoths is unlikely. 

Friend, we can wish, hope, prod, complain, sue, fight all we want to try and get justice for ourselves or those we care about.  In the end, we must seek a satisfactory result that we know to be imperfect, and then forgive.  We can forgive because we have been forgiven yet still slap God in the face every day with our sinful behavior.  We can forgive because we know true justice is waiting on the other side.  We should forgive because “those people” won’t be the only ones being judged.  God wants us to stand up and for those who can’t.  He wants us to defend the innocent.  But we cannot give up our peace and joy when the results aren’t everything we hope for in this world.  An account is being written in the heavens.  And courts will be in session with the Lord comes again.

Holy God, help me to understand when to seek justice in this world and when to just step back and forgive.  I thank you Lord for the mercy you have already shown me with my transgressions.  When you come again, I know you will judge the living and the dead and I thank you for this promised justice.  Amen.

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