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Merciful Judge

We are living in a time that the word “justice” seems to hold so many different meanings – at times almost opposite meanings.  “Justice” to some means punishing people for something they didn’t participate in and happened about 200 years ago.  To others it means being able to take what you want because you feel victimized.  In some cities, “justice” means releasing hundreds of people who are in jail for murder, rape, burglary and the like.  Some people judge in the blink of an eye based on a short video.  Others judge simply because they already didn’t like a person.   And yet others still believe in the idea of investigating a crime, bringing it to a court and evaluating all the facts before passing judgement.   I have a degree in Journalism and English.  I learned that passing judgement in the media was a no-no.  Somehow that lesson has disappeared from journalism school

We can’t seem to escape “un-just judgement” these days.  What you wear, what you drive, where you live, what your skin color is, if you have a college degree or if you are old or young, we are judged by our neighbors, our enemies and even our fellow Christians.  I recently posted on Instagram a picture of a surgical mask.  I stated, “This mask does not symbolize your: kindness, faith, politics, intelligence, wokeness or love.  It’s just a mask.”  The mask, as promoted by governmental officials, has become yet another way to be judged.  Our “Cancel Culture” is swift in its judgement and mercy is nowhere to be found.

Thank the Lord that His judgement is merciful.  I mean He has been trying for thousands and thousands of years to get the majority of humanity on board with His simple rule – Obey God.  He has yet to pass His mighty judgement over us.  It does feel as though that time is getting closer and closer, however.   

So often we want to take justice into our own hands.  But it’s important to understand the difference between daily justice that God calls us to and eternal justice.  At times we think we must step in for God – with acts of anger, revenge or spite.  God does not call us to scream a people in the streets. For one, I find most people screaming don’t actually know what “justice” they need or who should be held to account.  Rest assured that if it’s justice God wants you to accomplish you will have His peace.  Screaming in people’s faces and looting won’t be part of His plan for you.  As Jesus’ people, we are called to step in for the weak and downtrodden.  But we need not be the weak and downtrodden – because through Christ we are blessed and strengthened.  A Christian who obeys God is destined to experience hardship and suffering, but His love and mercy sustains us for greater work.  He asks us to judge others as we are judged by Him – with mercy and forgiveness.

Whether or not a person believes and accepts God and His Son, Jesus, he will still ultimately be judged in the eternal world.  We must believe that Truth.  

“I said to myself, ‘God will bring into judgement both the righteous and the wicked, for there will be a time for every activity, a time to judge every deed.’”  

Ecclesiastes 3:17

Until then, God gives us opportunity after opportunity through His mercy to change course.  I, for one, am thankful for the chance to continue my path of imperfect progress without the justice served I deserve each day.

How has God showed you His mercy? Share in praise of God today in the comments below!

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