30daysofpraise, christian encouragement

Bless The Lord

Day 1

This is not the praise song I intended to start with. You see, I looked at this beautiful video and then moved on to others. But every single time I tried to copy the other URLs into this post this video kept getting copied instead. A few dozen frustrating times later I realized something — duh, God wanted me to send this out to you. Praise the Lord!

He’s asking me to remind all of us of the gifts He wants us to enjoy:

  1. He’s rich in love
  2. He’s slow to anger (thank goodness)
  3. His heart is kind
  4. He works for our good
  5. He is strong for us when we are weak
  6. He is there for us when the sun comes up and when the sun goes down

So yes, we have these and 10,000 more reasons to sing like never before to the Almighty King; to the one who sent His Holy Son to save us from our sins. Thank you God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Please join me in praising God today with a comment, prayer, song lyrics, poem or whatever you wish to lift up to Him.

4 thoughts on “Bless The Lord”

  1. Praise the Lord for sending me my husband! There is no one better suited for me to be on this journey with. Help us serve you Lord and grow closer to you.


  2. And on that day
    When my strength is failing
    The end draws near
    And my time has come
    Still my soul will
    Sing Your praise unending
    Ten thousand years
    And then forevermore

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