What’s Your “Ought To?”

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Do you have an “ought to do” that didn’t make it on your list? A Bible study asked the question, “What are you hiding from God?” We all had to laugh because, duh, you can’t hide anything from God. But we sure do try. . The Bible is full of stories where ordinary people were asked to do difficult things. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were told to fall down on the ground and worship false gods anytime they heard music. As faithful Jews, they refused. The story goes that the king bound them together, heated a furnace so hot the soldiers standing near burned up, and had the men thrown in. But in the fire a 4th man appeared and kept them from harm. . So much of our life is spent trying to avoid our “ought to’s.” We think by ignoring the family member with a drinking problem, always backing down on our Christian morals, or even staying when leaving is truly what we need to do, that we are successfully hiding from God. But here’s the thing, He’s been giving you ample nudges or even pushes to step into that fire. Dr. Charles Stanley’s “30 Life Principles,” thinks this is so important it’s Life Principle #2: Obey God and leave the consequences to Him. Do you need to re-read the second half of that? It’s called living out your faith by putting trust in Him. . So what have you tucked away, hidden in your heart or mind. It’s right there, that black spot that pops up and steals your joy. It’s not going anywhere until you are bold enough to put a name on it, write it down, and pray for Jesus — the 4th man — to enter into the fray with you. . Go Boldly my friends. . #bold #fear #fieryfurnace #daniel #god #savior #jesus #christian #faith #trust #charlesstanley

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