Pure Joy

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What is the difference between joy and happiness? I’d venture to say that a lot of what’s going on in the world are people trying to find happiness. . For many that’s the ultimate goal — to “be happy.” The dictionary defines happy as a feeling of showing pleasure or contentment. I started my faith journey looking for happiness. It evolved into looking for joy. The dictionary defines joy as a feeling of “great” happiness. But that misses the mark. . True joy, I have discovered, comes every morning when you wake and recognize God is with you on every step of your day — whether circumstances are good or bad. True joy is not something to “get” or “find.” It’s something to release. When we accept that the Holy Spirit lives in us that means Joy lives in us. It’s our brain and feelings that tend to want to block that joy off from the world. . You see my dog Tucker? He doesn’t know who God is. But he lives out his life with the joy God put in him. He doesn’t question it. He doesn’t look for it. He just has it. I think that’s why humans love to watch dogs play and romp around. It’s pure joy that’s bubbled to the surface. . When we search for happiness we rely on man-made results. When we release the joy in us—our gratefulness to God for his companionship—no matter our circumstances, we are transformed. . #joy #happiness #god #transformation #jesus #holyspirit #puppylove

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