Let’s Talk About Your Faith

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How much do you talk about Faith? I can honestly say that up until a few years ago I only talked about Faith, Jesus, God, etc during my once a week Bible Study group. It was safe. It was comfortable. Everyone there believed about the same. And my own faith showed what little time I put into it. . Today I had an amazing thing happen. I got a text from a friend asking me and my son in law about salvation. That prompted a great conversation with my SIL. He’s a man of strong faith. We spent about an hour looking up Bible verses and commentaries and discussing them. I then texted a summary of our discussion to my friend. We then talked back and forth about salvation. Later another friend and I picked up the same topic. All this led me to think more about my role and responsibilities as a Christian. . And here I am sharing all this with you. I have actively sought out friends that are open to faith conversations. That doesn’t mean they are all Christians. In the past, my conversations with women would’ve looked more like hens clucking. Now, my large circle has some pretty deep, meaningful discussions (peppered with a lot of laughs). . God doesn’t want watered down faith that’s been filtered by culture. He wants us to be “all in.” To do that we need to intentionally seek others who have open minds and hearts and want the best for us. . #openhearts #faith #jesus #salvation #love #heartmindsoul #god #friends

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